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Michael A. Easterling

In 1989, Easterling was convicted in Summit County for kidnapping, aggravated robbery, and gross sexual imposition. In the Defendant’s Sexual Predator Screening Instrument dated June 26, 1997, the Department of Corrections described the underlying offenses from Summit County as Easterling tying up a fourteen-year-old girl with surgical tape and shoelaces, putting a steak knife in her vagina, and cutting her breasts. At the time of the Summit County offenses, he was on Parole from the Department of Youth Services (DYS) and it was noted that his parole adjustment was poor. In 1990, while incarcerated at Lebanon Correctional Institution in Warren County, he attacked another inmate and was charged with attempted murder. He ultimately pled to felonious assault and received an additional sentence of five to fifteen years, to be served consecutively to the Summit County case.

Location: Grafton Correctional Institution
Offenses: Felonious Assault
Gross Sexual Imposition
Aggravated Robbery
Min Sentence: 15 years
Max Sentence: 40 years
Date Admitted: 9/7/1989
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