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Juvenile Division

  • Julie Kraft, First Assistant Prosecutor
  • Julie Kraft
  • First Assistant Prosecutor
  • Telephone: 513-695-1325
  • Alexis Hogya, Assistant Prosecutor
  • Alexis Hogya
  • Assistant Prosecutor
  • John Rye, Assistant Prosecutor
  • John Rye
  • Assistant Prosecutor
  • Dylan Smearcheck, Assistant Prosecutor
  • Dylan Smearcheck
  • Assistant Prosecutor

The Juvenile Division of the Prosecutor's Office handles a wide variety of matters relating to children and youth. These cases are assigned to Julie Kraft, Alexis Hogya, John Rye, and Dylan Smearcheck. A substantial amount of time is devoted to the prosecution of delinquency matters which are criminal offenses perpetrated by those who are under the age of 18. In recent years, the gravity of these cases has increased. These crimes have included such offenses as cocaine trafficking, rape and sexual assault, as well as vehicular assaults.

Of equal, if not greater concern, are the child abuse, neglect and dependency cases which our juvenile attorneys handle. In increasing numbers, children suffering from various forms of maltreatment come to the attention of our office. Many of these children are from families with lifelong and complex problems, such as poverty, drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental illness. Our juvenile attorneys prosecute dozens of cases which require court ordered intervention, including the placement of children in foster homes. In the most serious cases our juvenile attorneys pursue the termination of parental rights of those caretakers with chronic and severe problems, such as drug addiction and profound mental illness, which has rendered them wholly unable to provide proper parental care.