Civil Division

The Civil Division of the County Prosecutor's Office consists of First Assistant Prosecutor Keith Anderson and Assistant Prosecutors Kathryn Horvath, Bruce McGary, Adam Nice, and Chris Watkins. The Civil Division provides legal advice and representation, in court and otherwise, to all County departments and other agencies which the Prosecutor is statutorily obligated to represent. This includes approximately 30 separate elected officials, departments, and agencies, as well as serving as legal counsel for eight townships and five public libraries. County agencies include the Board of Developmental Disabilities, Board of Elections, County Commissioners, Judges, Sheriff, Human Services, and others. This representation includes providing legal advice on matters such as personnel issues, public records, open meetings, and land use, and the review and/or drafting of hundreds of contracts. All contracts, performance bonds, and miscellaneous other documents must be approved by the Prosecutor's Office before the County Commissioners and Auditor will execute them. The Civil Division is also responsible for the collection of property tax, trailer tax, and hotel tax.

Keith W. Anderson, First Assistant Prosecutor
Keith Anderson
First Assistant Prosecutor
Telephone: 513-695-1325
Kathryn Horvath, Assistant Prosecutor
Kathryn Horvath
Assistant Prosecutor
Bruce A. McGary, Assistant Prosecutor
Bruce McGary
Assistant Prosecutor
Adam Nice, Assistant Prosecutor
Adam Nice
Assistant Prosecutor
Christopher Watkins, Assistant Prosecutor
Christopher Watkins
Assistant Prosecutor