Warren County Prosecutor Header

Child Support Division

  • Tommy Howard, Deputy Director
  • Tommy Howard
  • Director
  • Telephone: 513-695-1580
  • Michelle Belknap , Assistant Prosecutor
  • Michelle Belknap
  • Assistant Prosecutor
  • Andrew Ritchie, Assistant Prosecutor
  • Andrew Ritchie
  • Assistant Prosecutor
  • Alaina Schulte-Bidlack, Assistant Prosecutor
  • Alaina Schulte-Bidlack
  • Assistant Prosecutor

The Child Support Division of the Prosecutor's office administers the Child Support Program for Warren County. The Division is headed by Director Tommy Howard. The team of Assistant Prosecutors assigned to this division also includes Michelle Belknap, Andrew Ritchie and Alaina Schulte-Bidlack. The Child Support Division of the Prosecutor's Office employs 50 staff, handles over 12,000 open cases and provides the full range of Child Support Enforcement Agency services including collection and enforcement of support orders, establishment of paternity and child support orders, location of parents, and modification and termination of orders. Each year the Division processes over 1,000 applications, answers 35,000 phone calls, issues 8,000 income withholdings, audits 2,000 cases, files over 11,000 orders, and takes over 4,000 cases to court.

The Warren County CSEA has established a reputation of being a leading performer in the State and continues to be one of the most cost-effective CSEA's in Ohio. The Warren County CSEA has increased collections and performance annually while managing a budget at CY 2011 levels. This efficiency is the result of increased utilization of technology and statistics to manage increasing workloads. The Warren County CSEA collects over $15.00 for every $1.00 expended on operations.