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Thomas A. Jones

Thomas Jones was serving a sentence for several counts of robbery from Franklin County, Ohio at the time he committed this offense on December 30, 2011. On that date, Jones was seen running up stairs at the Warren Correctional Institution following another inmate. He was swinging a weapon that he had fashioned by tying a padlock to a shoestring. Corrections officers intervened and ordered him to the wall. Later, he admitted that it was his intention to strike the other inmate with the home-made weapon. He was convicted in our county of possession of a deadly weapon while under detention, a felony of the fourth degree. Jones received a six-month sentence, to be served consecutive to his prior sentences. Inmate Jones has a long history of violent criminal activity, including prior convictions for rape, robbery, drug offenses, theft offenses, failure to register as a sexual offender, and related cases. Although he was only sentenced to an additional six months in prison on this case, it is clear that he is a habitual, violent offender, whose release will endanger the citizens of Ohio.

Location: Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
Offenses: Rape
Possession of a Deadly Weapon
Min Sentence: 2 Years
Max Sentence: 40 Years
Date Admitted: 6/1/2011
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