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Jeremy D. Barker

In 2010, Inmate Barker was a prisoner at the Warren Correctional Institution, as a result of his convictions for aggravated robbery, escape and parole violations. On February 17, 2010, after working in the food service area, he returned to his cell. During a routine shake-down, corrections officers discovered that the Defendant has a “shank” a homemade knife, concealed in his coat. The weapon was approximately six inches long, and wrapped at the handle. The Defendant was subsequently indicted and convicted of possession of a deadly weapon while under detention, and sentenced to serve 6 months in prison, consecutively to all the sentences he is currently serving. (Case 10CR26470). This offense followed an earlier offense which occurred in 2009. At that time, the Defendant was being held at the Turtlecreek Center and escaped. He was declared a violator at large until apprehended. In May, 2009 he was convicted in Warren County of attempted escape, a felony of the 3rd degree and sentenced to serve an additional two years in prison. While in prison for this offense he committed the new crime described above. (Case 09CR25672). Barker has a lengthy criminal record, including numerous offenses of violence. Although these offenses are felonies of the 4th and 3rd degrees, his behavior demonstrates that he is unlikely to cooperate with law enforcement and abide by the law. Specifically, when an inmate who is already confined in prison, escapes and commits new offenses, we believe his release will constitute a danger to the general public.

Location: Ross Correctional
Offenses: Attempted Escape
Aggravated Robbery
Possession of Deadly Weapon
Min Sentence: 6 years
Max Sentence: 25 years
Date Admitted: 5/15/2009
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