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Andrew J Beckman

On July 26, 1999, around midnight, Beckman brutally murdered his girlfriend Brandy Southworth, who was also the mother of their six month old child. In the days and weeks leading up to this vicious attack, Beckman had physically assaulted and threatened Brandy on several occasions. Just the night before he took Brandy’s life, he was involved in two separate physical altercations with Brandy which left bruises on her body. After these incidents, Beckman was told not to come around her anymore by a group of their mutual friends. The very next night, Beckman snuck over to the house where Brandy was staying. Brandy was alone with their infant child. Beckman had brought a large butcher’s knife with him in preparation for what he planned to do. Beckman then got Brandy outside and used that ten inch butcher’s knife to stab her repeatedly all over her body while their six month old baby was alone inside the house. A neighbor heard Brandy screaming and went outside to see what was happening. She saw Beckman straddling Brandy with both hands over his head. She saw the defendant strike Brandy at least five times with such force that she said it sounded like he was chopping wood. The autopsy report revealed that Brandy had approximately thirty stab wounds. She had injuries to her right lung, her liver, and two stab wounds went completely through her heart, in addition to numerous other stab wounds all over her body. Some of these wounds were four to six inches deep which demonstrates the level of force Beckman used when he plunged the knife into her body. Beckman was subsequently arrested near the scene and ultimately indicted for Aggravated Murder. After a bench trial in front of Judge Bronson, Beckman was found guilty of Aggravated Murder and sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility after twenty years. Given the brutal and violent nature of this senseless attack, we believe that releasing Beckman on parole now would demean the very serious nature of his actions and would subject the public to future violent criminal activity. As such, we are opposed to Beckman’s release on parole at this time and at all future opportunities.

Location: Marion Correctional Institution
Offenses: Aggravated Murder
Min Sentence: 20 Years
Max Sentence: Life
Date Admitted: 11/24/1999
Next eligibility Hearing Date:

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