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Parrish was convicted in Hamilton County of Aggravated Robbery and Attempted Murder, in 1995. The Bank robbery occurred in Warren County, although Parrish was prosecuted in Hamilton County, for the entire course of conduct. Parrish entered the National Bank and Trust in Mason, Ohio in the late afternoon hours. He approached the teller, pulled a firearm out his knapsack and demanded that the teller place money in the knapsack. He obtained approximately $4200.00 from the bank robbery. This particular branch of National Bank and Trust is located near I-71. After the bank robbery, Parrish fled south on I-71 and ended up in Montgomery, Ohio, a city in northern Hamilton County. Officer Don Jasper learned of the pursuit and attempted to apprehend him. Officer Jasper pursued him through a residential area, until he approached a blind curve, at the intersection of Hopewell and Weil Roads. As Officer Jasper came around the curve he observed that Parrish had stopped his vehicle and was essentially waiting to ambush him. Officer Jasper slammed on his brakes and came to a stop. As he started to get out of his cruiser, Parrish began firing at Officer Jasper. Fortunately, Officer Jasper was able to seek cover and return fire even as Parrish walked toward him continuing to fire, with a 9 mm pistol. Parrish fired at least 16 rounds at Officer Jasper. 14 of those 16 rounds went through the windshield of the patrol car and several rounds struck Officer Jasper. One round hit his arm, one round struck his bullet proof vest in the chest and the third round grazed his head. Other rounds nearly missed and actually grazed his duty equipment. Parrish fled from the scene where he had attempted to kill officer Jasper, but was apprehended nearby. Arresting officers not only found the knapsack with stolen money, but a 9 mm handgun that had been reloaded as well as an empty magazine for the weapon. This case is particularly concerning because not only did Parrish commit the armed robbery of a bank, but he fled, ambushed and tried to murder a Police Officer. The bank robbery, with a gun, is a serious crime standing alone. His release from prison at this time would diminish the seriousness of that offense. However, when combined with attempted murder of a police officer, this case presents a much more serious situation. It is our belief that his release from prison at this time will not only fail to adequately punish Parrish for his crimes and demean the seriousness of these offenses, but will endanger the general public, as well. If the armed robbery of a bank and the attempted murder of a police officer do not demand a lengthy period incarceration, it is hard to conceive of any offense which does call for such punishment. Therefore, we join with the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Police Officer Don Jasper, many other law enforcement officers, and all of the concerned citizens of Hamilton and Warren Counties and adamantly oppose his release on parole.

Min Sentence: 14 YEARS
Max Sentence: 50 YEARS
Date Admitted: 8/11/1995
Next eligibility Hearing Date:

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