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Anthony McIntosh

On the afternoon of January 21, 1987 a young Morrow, Ohio, police officer, Jeff Phegley, pulled over a vehicle operated by McIntosh, for speeding, just outside of the Village of Morrow. Officer Phegley smelled alcohol and asked McIntosh to perform a field sobriety test. As Phegley attempted to place McIntosh into handcuffs, McIntosh knocked him to the ground and ran to his car window, where he retrieved a twenty gauge, sawed-off shotgun. McIntosh fired a single shot into the young officer’s chest. Officer Phegley was able to call for assistance on his radio as McIntosh fled. Officer Phegley died a few moments after making the initial call for assistance. Days before he murdered Officer Phegley, McIntosh brandished the sawed-off shotgun and bragged that, “the next time a cop stops me, I’ll make it worth his while”. In fact, earlier on the day of January 21, 1987, McIntosh was seen in possession of the shotgun, which he concealed in the front seat of his car. McIntosh was subsequently convicted of the offense of Murder. At his sentencing, he showed no remorse for killing Officer Phegley.

Location: Madison Correctional
Offenses: Murder
Min Sentence: 15 years
Max Sentence: Life Sentence
Date Admitted: 8/19/1987
Next eligibility Hearing Date:

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