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Frank L Dunaway

On July 29, 1995 Frank Dunaway was an inmate at the Lebanon Correctional Institution. At approximately 1:45 that afternoon, he stabbed a fellow inmate, Russell Riebe, four times. Riebe fled from the attack to the third floor range and stairwell where, in an attempt to avoid further assaults, he jumped off the stairwell. In addition to stab wounds, he suffered a fractured ankle and associated bruising and required hospitalization. At the time of the offenses, Dunaway had previously been convicted of the offenses of Felonious Assault, Involuntary Manslaughter and Attempted Rape from Cuyahoga County. Subsequently, the Defendant was found guilty of Aggravated Assault with specification and sentenced to a term of three (3) to five (5) years, to be served CONSECUTIVELY to any prison sentence that he was serving as of September 18, 1996.

Location: Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
Offenses: Involuntary Manslaughter
Attempted Rape
Felonious Assautl
Aggravated Assault
Poss. of Deadly Weapon Under Detention
Min Sentence: 20 Years
Max Sentence: 60 Years
Date Admitted: 4/14/1993
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