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Glendon Robinson

On the evening of July 8, 1989 the fifteen year old victim of this case had gone out with several friends. At some point, she left with her friends in a car with three individuals, including the Defendant. Ultimately, they ended up in a remote area near Morrow, Ohio. At some point, two of the three companions left the victim alone with the Defendant. The Defendant opened the car door, pulling the victim out of the car and began beating her. As the assault continued, the Defendant continued to beat her, choked her, forcibly removed her clothing and he then raped her. The assault and rapes continued for some period of time until the victim passed out. When she regained consciousness, the Defendant was gone and the victim was able to crawl and walk to a nearby residence. When the Morrow life squad responded, they observed that she had dried blood and mud all over her body. She had bruising on her neck and throat area, as well as cuts. She could barely see out of one eye and the other eye was swollen shut. She was unable to speak to officers but did identify her assailant by name. Subsequent investigation revealed the location where the rapes and beatings had occurred. Ultimately, it was determined that the two other occupants in the motor vehicle were not involved in the rapes and beating. They told police that they observed the Defendant assaulting the victim. According to the witnesses, he told them that “he had killed the bitch, or if she isn’t dead, she will be”. He also admitted to sexually assaulting the 15 year old victim. Glendon Robinson was subsequently indicted for Attempted Murder and Rape. He had numerous prior contacts with the law as a juvenile. A psychological evaluation was also performed by Dr. Nancy Schmidtgossling, P.D. Robinson blamed the assault on the two other individuals in the car, and threatened them harm if they said anything against him. Although Robinson was only eighteen years old at the time of the assault, he had a history which included assaults, stealing, weapons and substance abuse. He had been placed in various juvenile institutions from early adolescence until his eighteenth birthday. This included five DYS placements as well as various treatment facilities and group homes. He frequently walked away or escaped from these facilities. Psychological testing at the time revealed that he had mild mental defects but was clearly capable of managing his daily activities. He was also diagnosed with severe behavior problems, including a conduct disorder and substance abuse. There were also concerns that he was malingering during the psychological testing. Dr. Schmidtgossling found that he was sane at the time of the offense and able to distinguish right from wrong. Ultimately, Robinson pled guilty and was convicted of Felonious Assault and Rape in the Warren County Common Pleas Court. He was sentenced to six to fifteen years on the Felonious Assault charge, and ten to twenty five years for Rape, to be served consecutively. In 1996, he and another inmate were involved in an assault against another inmate, where he was able to free himself from restraints, by the use of an inmate manufactured handcuff key. In 1998 he was convicted in Scioto County for Possessing a Weapon While Under Disability, also presumably, as the result of a crime he committed while an inmate. In 2006 he was convicted of another Felonious Assault, as well as having a Deadly Weapon while under Detention. In 1998, he was found to be a sexual predator. The findings of the Court in that case indicated that he was likely to engage in the future in one or more sexually oriented offenses. Glendon Robinson, had a violent history as a juvenile and continued his criminal behavior when he turned eighteen. He viciously raped a fifteen year old girl, beat her and left her for dead in a remote area. Since that time, he has continued to commit violent crimes, even while incarcerated in the Department of Corrections.

Location: Ohio State Penitentiary
Offenses: Felonious Assault
Min Sentence: 15 Years
Max Sentence: 40 Years
Date Admitted: 1/19/1990
Next eligibility Hearing Date:

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