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Gary D Fanti II

In 1991, while already incarcerated at Warren Correctional Institution, Gary Fanti managed to defraud GTE North, Incorporated, of telephone services valued at approximately $1,029.00 and he was also charged with the theft of telephone services from GTE North, Inc., with an estimated value of $187.00. Due to his prior theft convictions, both offenses were felonies of the 3rd degree. At that time, he was also indicted with a specification pursuant to RC 2941.143, in that he had previously been convicted of an offense of violence. Ultimately, Fanti entered a plea of guilty to one count of grand theft (F3), with a specification. He was sentenced to an indefinite term of not less than two but not more than ten years in prison to be served consecutively to the prison terms that he was then serving from Stark County (Case No. 89-9183) and Tuscarawas County (Case No. 89CR300038). Fanti previously admitted in one of his early motions for “Shock Probation”, he had “…. a very colorful criminal history even before he became an adult”. As a juvenile, Fanti was charged with committing a robbery in Tuscarawas County. He was held in the Stark County Juvenile Center and managed to escape from the Detention Center, clad only in his underwear. In an effort to avoid police, he broke into a nearby residence where he was eventually arrested. He was later convicted of escape, aggravated burglary, and robbery. Since Gary Fanti’s 2018 parole hearing, he was convicted of aggravated assault for assaulting an inmate in 2019. As a result of that conviction, Fanti was sentenced to 18 months in prison to be served consecutively to his previous prison sentences.

Location: Mansfield Correctional Institution
Offenses: Failure to Comply
Aggravated Burglary
Aggravated Assault
Min Sentence:
Max Sentence:
Date Admitted: 6/10/2008
Next eligibility Hearing Date:

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