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Kevin D Darrah

On September 12, 2006, following a jury trial, Kevin Darrah was found guilty of rape in violation of R.C. 2907.02(A)(1)(b), a felony of the first degree, with a specification that the victim was under the age of ten. As a result of Darrah’s conviction, he was sentenced to life in prison and designated as a sexually oriented offender. The minor victim, A.T., was only five years old at the time of this offense. A.T.’s mother was acquainted with Darrah through work. When A.T. and her mother moved into a new home, he offered to assist them. On February 25, 2005, after moving furniture, Darrah ordered pizza to be delivered to the home. A.T.’s mother needed to retrieve some additional items from her old home, so he offered to stay at the new home to wait for the pizza. A.T. was hungry and wanted to stay at the new house to eat pizza, so he agreed to stay with her while A.T.’s mother continued moving. A.T.’s testimony at trial stated that while her mother was gone, she and Darrah played hide and seek. When she became tired, the two laid down on the bed. A.T. testified that he bit her ear and kissed her on the lips. She testified that he then unzipped her pants and stuck his fingers in her “butt.” A.T.’s mother testified that on Sunday morning during their shower, A.T. complained that soap touching her genital area hurt because she was sore. A.T. told her mother that Darrah touched her and hurt her. When A.T.’s mother examined A.T., she discovered the area around A.T.’s vagina was red and inflamed. A.T.’s mother took A.T. to her pediatrician who testified that she examined A.T.’s genitals and observed unusual pinpoint redness at the vaginal opening. The pediatrician testified that the injury was consistent with injury that would have been caused by a fingernail. As the facts of this case illustrate, Kevin Darrah preyed on a defenseless five-year-old girl. Darrah has never accepted responsibility for his actions on that day nor shown any remorse for the severe psychological damage he caused to an innocent child. Due to the nature of this offense, as well as the age of his victim, we believe that his release would also demean the serious nature of the offense and would endanger the general public.

Location: North Central Correction Institution
Offenses: Rape
Min Sentence: 10 years
Max Sentence: Life Sentence
Date Admitted: 9/25/2006
Next eligibility Hearing Date:

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