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Kevin Jordan

On February 18, 2005 Jordan was an inmate at the Warren Correctional Institution, in Lebanon, Ohio. At that time, he was scheduled to report to the food service area for work detail at 4:15 p.m. He arrived late. The victim in this case, Corrections Officer Felicia Harris called his block to determine his whereabouts. When Jordan arrived, she advised him to report to his work area. Officer Harris ordered him to place his hands on the wall so he could be handcuffed. As she was attempting to handcuff him, he assaulted her and struck her several times, using the handcuffs as a weapon. Officer Harris was unable to activate the “man down” button on her radio. Eventually, another inmate grabbed Jordan off of Officer Harris and help arrived. Jordan continued to resist after other officers arrived and had to be physically restrained. Officer Harris was taken to the Hospital for examination. She was treated for an injured right hand, swollen right cheek and injury above her right eye. At the time of the offense, Jordan had been convicted of Attempted Rape and was serving a six to twenty five year sentence from Loraine County. He had been adjudged a sexual predator. Subsequently, Jordan was found Guilty of Assault on a Corrections Officer and sentenced to six months in prison, consecutive to the sentences he was serving.

Location: Grafton Correctional Institution
Offenses: Rape
Min Sentence: 6 years
Max Sentence: 25 Years
Date Admitted: 8/4/1998
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