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Thomas Blackmon

In 1985, Blackmon was convicted of armed robbery, robbery, and aggravated robbery in Mahoning County. He was also convicted of kidnapping in Franklin County at the same time. During the 1993 prison riots in Lucasville, Ohio, Blackmon was transferred to the maximum-security area of the Lebanon Correctional Institution (LCI). In June 1997, after being escorted to the showers, Blackmon asked to speak to Corrections Officer Richard Huggins concerning the conditions of his cell. At that time, he pulled a plastic squeeze bottle from his towel and squirted the liquid spray onto Corrections Officer Huggins. This was subsequently determined to be urine. In 1998, following a day and a half trial, he was found guilty of Harassment by an Inmate and sentenced to serve an additional twelve-month sentence, to be served consecutively to his previous sentences.

Location: Toledo Correctional Institution
Offenses: Armed Robbery
Aggravated Robbery
Harrassment by an Inmate
Min Sentence: 15 Years
Max Sentence: 65 Years
Date Admitted: 6/7/1985
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