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Kenneth Sandlin

On October 6, 1978, the Warren County Grand Jury returned a five count indictment against, Kenneth Sandlin. Mr. Sandlin was charged with Aggravated Murder under the Ohio Revised Code, Section 2903.01(B) with two specifications; with Kidnapping under Ohio Revised Code, 2905.02(A)(1); and with three counts of Rape under Ohio Revised Code, Section 2907.02(A)(1). Mr. Sandlin was tried by a three Judge panel and on January 19, 1979, he was found guilty of Aggravated Murder with a rape specification; with kidnapping; and with three counts of rape. On April 9, 1979, the trial court entered judgment sentencing Mr. Sandlin to life imprisonment on the Aggravated Murder charge and consecutive sentences of 7-25 years on the three counts of rape and on the one count of kidnapping. The evidence adduced at trial disclosed that the victim and her boyfriend, Arnold Davis, encountered Mr. Sandlin and his companion, Michael Barrett, at a pool hall in South Lebanon, Ohio on their return from a drive-in movie. It is unclear whether the four knew each other or to what extent they knew each other. The conversation they engaged in at the pool hall led to Sandlin and Barrett entering the automobile driven by the victim for the purpose of going to a carryout to get alcoholic beverages. The four made stops at two carryouts where Sandlin, Barrett, and Davis purchased alcohol and the victim purchased a soft drink and potato chips. Shortly thereafter, Sandlin asked the victim to drive him to a wooded area of a field known as the “Yellow Barn”, where he said a party was in progress. Once at this location and upon ascertaining that there was in fact no party, the victim began turning her vehicle around to leave. At that time, Barrett grabbed Davis around his neck. Simultaneous to Barrett putting his arm around Davis’ neck, Sandlin ordered the victim to turn the vehicle off, to get out of the car, and to drop her pants. Before the victim exited the vehicle, she could hear a gagging sound coming from Davis and Davis saying that they could have anything they wanted, his money or whatever. The victim exited the vehicle on the driver’s side and The victim dropped her pants as she had been ordered. Davis and Barrett exited the vehicle on the opposite side. The victim then heard Barrett say to Davis that he must not want to die. Sandlin went to the side of the vehicle where Barrett and Davis were located. He told the victim not to try and get away. Sandlin remained on the passenger’s side of the vehicle with Barrett and Davis for a matter of minutes, where all were out of sight of the victim from where she stood on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Sandlin then led the victim to the side of the vehicle where Davis was located, where she observed Davis lying in the weeds neither speaking nor moving. Sandlin led the victim to where Davis lay and said to her, “you must not believe he is dead,” at which point he stomped on Davis’ head and put a knife in Davis’ throat and twisted it. Sandlin then ordered the victim to stab the body or else she would get the same thing. Afterward, Sandlin asked Barrett to be a look out while he took the victim out into the field and raped her. Shortly thereafter, she was raped by Barrett and forced to perform oral sex on both of them. Before returning to the victim’s vehicle, the victim was struck in the head with a bottle and terrorized with a knife by Sandlin. At the vehicle, Sandlin opened the trunk and he and Barrett put Davis’ body inside. Sandlin directed the victim to drive to a location where an old well was located. At the well, the victim was directed to stab the body of Davis again. The victim complied with this demand and Sandlin joined her in repeatedly stabbing the body. Following that incident, Davis’ body was dumped into the old well by Sandlin and Barrett. The victim was then directed to drive to a third location. At this location, she was again raped by Sandlin and Barrett and forced to perform oral sex on both. Following this incident, the victim was directed to yet a fourth location where both raped her for a third time. The victim was then instructed to drive to Morrow Car Wash where Sandlin and Barrett washed blood from the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, Sandlin was let out of The victim’s vehicle in Morrow where Sandlin threatened her not to tell anyone. After her release, The victim drove to her sister’s house. The victim’s sister described her as in a pretty bad state of mind and a physical wreck and that her pants were unzipped, she had no bra on, she was holding her stomach, crying and holding her neck. Shortly thereafter, the police were notified and began an investigation. Mr. Sandlin committed horrific acts of physical and sexual violence. As a result of his convictions, he received a life sentence, as well as being adjudged a sexual predator. We believe that his release at this time or anytime in the future would endanger the public and demean the very serious nature of the Sandlin’s actions. We believe that he should remain incarcerated for the remainder of his natural life. Therefore, we are opposed to his release now and at all future opportunities.

Location: London Correctional
Offenses: Aggravated murder
Min Sentence: 20 Years
Max Sentence: Life
Date Admitted: 4/11/1979
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